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Statement of Principles

Blue Water has high standards for compliance procedures and manages the private details of clients personal and business affairs with absolute discretion.

Confidentiality is essential to the long term success of our business, and the highest standards of trust, integrity and professionalism are consistently maintained.

Account information is kept under strict security constraints, and electronic, physical and procedural safeguards are maintained in order to protect this information from access by unauthorized parties.

Blue Water Capital Advisors

About Us

What sets us apart?

We strive to be objective investment professionals
As a registered investment advisor, we are strictly a fee based firm – allowing us to keep what is in your best interests foremost in our decision making process. By law we act as fiduciaries and are held to the highest standards of conduct in serving our clients. By eliminating the temptation of typical brokerage industry perks like up-front sales commissions, bonus trips for product sales, and differential pay driven by investment products from our advisor pay equation, we are better able to help guide you to appropriate and unbiased investment choices. Since we are primarily paid a fee based on your assets under management (AUM), we are very interested in your investment returns.

We think like enterprising business people & we put our money where our mouth is
We provide unbiased investment advice derived from our proprietary research methods without the ties of larger company corporate mandates and constraints. As investors we consider ourselves owners of the businesses (stocks) we buy, and our decisions are formed with this in mind. Our local investment team has developed our own proprietary screening and selection tools for vetting investment options. In addition we purchase several well-known industry research services to provide vetting for our selection of “quality” and “value” stocks. Finally, the investment team has substantial parts of their own assets committed to the portfolios we manage for our clients.

We use modern versions of classic investment styles – inspired by Keynes,
Fisher, Graham and Dodd

We employ both an active value and an active growth management style to our portfolio strategies. Our overall style of investing is considered “value investing” in a traditional sense, similar to the style espoused by John Keynes, Benjamin Graham, David Dodd, Warren Buffett, and other famous value investors. We are also very aware that in order to survive and thrive in the range-bound markets of the last few years, we need to be nimble and able to tactically adjust the portfolios to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, so we also employ a growth strategy made famous by Philip Fisher.

We provide customized investment allocations for our clients
Each of our clients is unique, and so are their needs. That is why we offer a range of investment portfolio strategies which we combine in customized models to reflect a client’s specific needs, objectives and risk profile. Our approach always retains a sharp focus on the preservation of our clients' capital, and growing that capital with appropriate levels of risk.

We provide highly personalized service
At Blue Water delivering outstanding service is as fundamental as delivering strong investment results. In addition to regularly scheduled personal review appointments we provide a bi-monthly market review presentation for all clients and invited guests. At our one on one review meetings we discuss specifics about your own investments, your financial plan and how it fits into your estate. At the bi-monthly market reviews we discuss our current thoughts on the markets and economic trends as they are affecting the portfolios, as well as special topics relating to investment planning. Clients may also access the principals of the firm on an as-needed basis; all team members maintain close relationships with clients so as to provide the highly personalized service clients deserve. We also provide frequent newsletters and other written communications.

Blue Water Capital Advisors - Duluth, Minnesota

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