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What does registered investment advisor mean to you?
A registered investment advisor is typically a fee based financial advisor, usually employing industry professionals in the business for many years, who are managing assets for a group of high net worth clients. The clients served are typically “investors” and are the small proportion of the general public who take saving and investing seriously and understand the concept of risk and return.

Is using an advisor only for rich people?
Perhaps this is a misconception – yes a typical client has a higher net worth than the average person – but an advisor can add value to the middle American saver with investable assets over $100,000.

Isn’t “Wealth Management” just the latest industry buzzword?
You may be hearing it lately but there have been individuals serving the “Capitalist Class” since before the great depression. An old investment credo says: The market may go up, the market may go down, but there will always be intelligent things to do. Wealth Managers will likely continue to provide this type of service for the next 100 years as well.

Can utilizing an advisory firm really make me live longer?
Some say stress is the root cause for 95% of medical problems today. If your financial advisor can take one more burden off your plate and make you feel less stress – then the answer is yes, you will probably live longer by utilizing the services of an advisory firm.

Can you compare my current investments against industry standards or norms?
Absolutely, we have access to the latest industry software and the internet is an invaluable resource, if one knows where to look. When we meet with our current clients it is our standard practice to provide investment analyses which are compared to a relevant index – as an objective measure. We also are able to analyze your existing portfolios held elsewhere at unrelated investment companies and provide the “Big” picture view of risk, return, quality, value, threats, and opportunities.

Can you manage international exposures?
International investing has become nearly second nature to advisors with the ability to instantly buy stocks and bonds from many foreign countries. We do offer one model portfolio that specifically targets global opportunities to offer concentrated international exposure to our clients.

How do we get started? What’s the first step?
The first step is to initiate contact with us and set up a time to discuss your situation. We are prepared to meet in person, teleconference, or video conference to move the process forward. We typically ask for about 1.5 hours of your time in the first meeting to gather some general information and familiarize us with your situation. At the first meeting we will provide you with the information and paperwork to begin to develop your individualized plan and solution strategies.

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