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Client Relationships

We understand that your most important choice may not be where you put your money, but where you put your trust. In this regard we offer you an independent client-centric wealth management approach built on a first-class platform to help you accumulate, grow, protect, and transfer your wealth.

We utilize a holistic approach that leverages state-of-the-art planning tools, years of education and experience, and a deep understanding of your goals and needs to simplify the day-to-day management of your wealth. This process frees you up to concentrate on building the quality of life you desire for yourself and your family.

There are parts of our relationship with you that are scheduled and routine by design, including; our blog, monthly or quarterly statements, regularly scheduled review meetings, an invitation to our Bi-Monthly Market Review (typically third Thursday of every other month from 5-6:30pm), and a standing open door policy for your questions and comments.

The goal from our side of the relationship is to add positive value to your life and to ultimately be among the most influential people in your life.

Blue Water Capital Advisors - Duluth, Minnesota

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