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Selecting Individual Securities

At Blue Water we seek to make investments in businesses that have the following characteristics:

Best in Class Companies:

  • Clear and sustainable competitive advantage
  • Proven Management ability with a track record of achievement and accountability
  • Market leadership, or the distinct ability to emerge as a market leader
  • Economic Moat barriers that prevent easy entry into the industry by competitors, or confer advantages on the company being considered

Blue Water Capital Analysis - Screening Tool
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Commanding business fundamentals:

  • Strong and improving financial results
  • Achievement of business and financial objectives
  • Strong balance sheets

Attractive Valuation:

  • Low valuation relative to sustainable cash flow and future growth potential
  • Discount to our estimate of net asset value
  • Identifiable catalysts that will realize the implied value
  • A focus on the proper valuation of the business using traditional metrics

Blue Water Capital Advisors - Duluth, Minnesota

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