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Investment Portfolios

At Blue Water Capital we offer a range of portfolio models to best serve our clients needs, in two parallel series. The Premium series of portfolio strategies holds individual stocks in the portion allocated to equities, and for that reason is limited to accounts of $100,000 or greater. The Lake Superior series holds Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) rather than individual stocks for the equity portion, and is available for accounts ranging from $2,500 to $100,000.

Our model portfolios provide our clients with the potential for strong investment returns with an emphasis on preserving wealth. Each portfolio should be considered in the light of one’s individual objectives, time horizon, and risk parameters. Each portfolio invests in a core group of 10-25 securities, including stocks and stock ETFs, and bond ETFs or mutual funds, with an emphasis on quality and value throughout. A brief description of our various investment strategies is provided below. For specific investment options available to you, please contact a Blue Water Capital Advisor Representative directly.

BWFG/BWMG - Blue Water Fundamental Growth/Blue Water Market Growth

The strategic goal for the Growth (BWFG/BWMG) portfolios is the acquisition of securities which offer superior capital appreciation over the intermediate to long term. With our extensive top down and bottom up analysis we are constantly monitoring the portfolio for growth, quality and value. The strategic allocation for this portfolio is 80% Stocks / 20% Cash and 0% Bonds. Tactical allocations may vary substantially. View details »

BWHY - Blue Water High Yield Equity

The objective of the High Yield Equity (BWHY) portfolio is to produce above average dividend income and appreciation over the intermediate and long term. The strategy will own a number of MLPs, trusts, LLCs, and other pass-through entities which will result in a complex tax reporting regime. This portfolio is strategically designed to have 95% Stocks/5% Cash/0% Bonds. View details »

BWBI/BWDG - Blue Water Balanced Income/Blue Water Dividend Growth

The Balanced Income (LBI/LSD) portfolios invest in securities with an emphasis on dividend or income producing assets that will also appreciate over the long term. The strategic make up of these portfolios is targeted at 57% Stocks/12% Cash/31% Bonds. Tactical allocations may vary substantially.
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BWCP - Blue Water Capital Preservation

The objective of the Capital Preservation (SHB/LSP) portfolios is to produce sustainable interest or dividend income over the long term with relatively lower downside risk. The emphasis is on preserving capital rather than appreciation. These portfolios are strategically designed to have 37% Stocks/8% Cash/55% Bonds. View details »

BWBT - Blue Water Bond Trader

Liquidity, total return, preservation of capital and stable buying power over the short to intermediate term are the main objectives of this portfolio. The ability to produce income with relatively low risk is a secondary objective. This portfolio strategy accomplishes its objectives with a strategic allocation of 5% Cash/95% Bonds. View details »

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